Optimised Life - Miracle Membership

Whole Person, Integrated Wellbeing

Can you relate to this?

"I want to take more care of myself / get more out of my life, but I just don’t have the time, energy or commitment to make lasting changes”

We know that problem inside out!  Both of us have faced it ourselves as well as having worked with countless individuals over the years who've arrived at our doors feeling like that.

The self help and wellbeing world can be overwhelming.  With so much (often conflicting) advice, it can feel impossible know where to start and to how to keep up the momentum.  The brain seeks familiarity and your well intended learnt behaviour, conditioned from childhood, will do anything to keep you "safe" - even from growing into a healthier, happier version of you!

The good news is, it doesn't have to be this way!

With gentle support, shifted awareness and sustainable activities - lasting transformation is possible.  We know, because we have seen it happen time and time again.  The trick is to keep it bite-sized, get support and take it one day and one challenge at a time.  Gently retraining that inner child to trust a new path.

This Miracle Membership provides you with the gentle support, shifted awareness and sustainable activities you need in your pocket, as you take a brief pause each day to connect with the most important priority of your life - YOU.

We can't wait to show you how it works, but first let us introduce ourselves!

Ali Scott

Ali is a Transformative Coach and Therapist, based in leafy Hertfordshire.  She has spent the last two decades involved in coaching, therapy and wellbeing work, helping clients move into living a life they love. She has taken deep dives into several different healing modalities including Nutritional Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Breathwork and Meditation, as well as her coaching and therapy work, and loves taking a whole-person approach to wellness. Her clients include people with relationship struggles as well as anyone struggling with feeling stuck, generally, in life.  

Ali has two teenage children and loves sunrises, sunshine, bare feet on the grass, paddleboarding and dancing to 80s hiphop in her kitchen :)

Vicky Kelly

Vicky is a Life and Business Coach & trainer, based near the sea in Essex.  Since 2009 she has been supporting clients with her compassionate, whole person approach.  Enabling them to move through work, life & human challenges into freer expressions of themselves - whatever that means to them!  She loves to use her variety of coaching, therapeutic and training skills in all sorts of settings and is most often found working with ambitious and capable professionals who are a little overwhelmed and/or under-fulfilled. 

Vicky is Mum to a preschool daughter, loves the sea, nature, looking after our planet, yoga, exploring mind bending spiritual conversations and stuff like that!

Each month of the Miracle Membership is a mini course which creates evolution on its own AND is part of a bigger picture.

Imagine the transformation that is possible as each additional month reinforces this evolution and builds momentum rewiring your brain towards wellbeing and empowering you to let go of longstanding limitations!

Are you ready to transform your life?

Great!  Ali & Vicky are here to help you live the Optimised Life of your dreams.  "But what is an Optimised Life?" we hear you yell!  
Let us tell you:

An Optimised Life:

 🌟Is nurturing, wholesome, meaningful and fulfilling.
 🌟Allows the flow of creative intelligence into your work.
 🌟Involves less struggle and more ease.
 🌟Means returning home to who you really are.
 🌟Is free of unhelpful childhood conditioning.
 🌟Is full of satisfying relationships.
 🌟Is one of optimal health.
 🌟Involves following your bliss.
 🌟Works at one with nature.
 🌟Ditches what doesn't serve you.

Let all that sink in for a minute!

This is what you have been waiting for!  With hands on help and bespoke guidance through the Optimised Life - Miracle Membership.  Whether your top priority is your health, work, emotional wellbeing, relationships, or anything else - our online membership is your gateway to a world of sustainable well-being, offering a treasure trove of tools, resources, live coaching calls and a supportive community that will empower you to thrive, in a whole-person, integrated way.  And we can't wait to meet you.

Here's how it works

Each month, we will be inviting you to join us on a journey of self reflection and evolution as we explore a new wellbeing topic and provide guidance, support and challenges to get you thinking, growing and evolving.  

Yawn.... Sounds like any other online coaching programme, right?  It isn't, so please keep reading!  Each monthly topic will be explored through our Whole-Person, Integrative approach, which builds month on month, cumulatively rewiring your brain towards wellbeing, allowing YOU to make lasting transformations!

That's right, it is possible for you.  We hear those little voices that echo beliefs picked up in childhood and project them into your adult life telling you otherwise!  And we know the integrated approach that is necessary to make it through the layers of conditioning to create the life you deserve.  So let's do this!

Why Choose The Miracle Membership?
🌟 Exclusive Transformational Content: Monthly expert-led mini courses, which BUILD!    
🌟 Personalised Guidance: Use our fortnightly coaching calls to get your questions answered.  
🌟 Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded individuals all on a journey to optimising your lives. Share experiences, offer and receive support, and build meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime.    
🌟 Daily Nudges: Stay motivated and keep evolving with our daily nudges in our community. Whatever the monthly course is focused on, you'll be constantly inspired to grow, with our hints, tips, challenges and advice.  
🌟 Live support: This isn't a static course.  Ali & Vicky will be on live calls in your group weekly, answering questions and giving support in your journey.  
🌟 Ask us anything!  The coaching calls and Q&A sessions are there to help with anything that comes up - it doesn't have to be related to that month's topic,.
🌟 Resources Galore: Gain access to a library filled with guided meditations, previous challenges, past months courses and more – all at your fingertips.    
🌟 Affordable and Flexible: Not everyone's pockets can stretch to 1:1 coaching.  The Miracle Membership is designed to be accessible to everyone.  Join our waiting list to get access to early bird reduced membership rates for life!  
🌟 Jump on board today and get ready to live the Optimised Life of your dreams!

What kinds of topics will be covered each month?

The Miracle Membership is a true Life Coaching programme.  We are going to cover a wonderfully wide range of topics, including:

🌟Decluttering - your home is an extension of your energy field.  Decluttering, organising and "stuff-minimising" has a profound effect on mind, body and soul
🌟 Living Intentionally - simple practices to create a life you really want to live
🌟 Relationships 101 - simple understandings that can revolutionise your connections
🌟 Miracle Mornings - setting up simple but life changing routines to set up your day for success
🌟 Quit the people-pleasing - living authentically, feeling safe setting boundaries and being happy being you
🌟 Being Nice to your Nervous System - easy regulation exercises to tone the vagus nerve and soothe the system

All this is included

Topic Check In

We introduce a topic with a video tutorial, audit and some supportive meditations for the month

Deeper Dive

We invite perspective shifts and a little gentle inner child work to release those pesky limitations

Practical tools and
daily nudges

We will be providing daily motivation, ideas and a supportive community within our membership space.

Live Calls and

We invite your questions and problems for our regular coaching calls, which you can attend live, or on catch up.

If you have ever self-sabotaged, felt like the only person for whom NOTHING works, or wondered why a wellbeing approach is making an impact for someone else, but not so much for you - our Whole-Person, Integrated approach is the difference that makes the difference.

This membership is the result of four decades worth of mental, emotional, spiritual, practical and health related exploration by founders Ali and Vicky.

Between us we’ve gone down the rabbit holes, got confused by the contradictions, tried things that work and things that don’t, so you don’t have to!

Our Miracle Membership differs in that it is all about honouring everything that makes up and impacts your experience of life and working through the fundamentals in a way that WORKS.  

We believe that there is infinite potential in the universe, and that when we are unburdened of the beliefs and constrictions that keep us stuck, we are more able to align with this potential and live an Optimised Life.

No spiritual bypassing, or positive mental attitude focused stuff here thank you!  

Let us hold your hands and guide you on this miraculous adventure we call life. But let’s Optimise it, right?!


Join the Waiting List

The Optimised Life Miracle Membership launches 1st Jan 2024.  
Doors open for Early Bird pricing 26th December to the Waiting List.  
Details of course pricing below.

Course Pricing

Early Bird 
Annual Membership

£290 per annum

Get Early Bird pricing for life and 12 months membership for the price of 10 as a thank you for joining us from the start.

Doors open to enroll 26th Dec

Annual Membership

£390 per annum

Get 12 months for the price of 10 when you pay annually.

Doors open 26th Dec

Early Bird 
Monthly Subscription

£29 per month

As a thank you for joining the Miracle Membership early, get reduced pricing for life

Doors open to enroll 26th Dec

Monthly Membership

£39 per month

Join our Miracle Membership for access to our monthly courses as well as past courses.

Doors open 26th Dec